LK-Photo Print Studio

Fine Art Prints

I am running a print studio in which I serve other photographers to print out fine art prints of their work. I have two Epson printers with the maximum with of 43 centimeters. With paper on the roll it is possible to print panorama work where the with of the printed artwork can be really long. The theoretical limitation is the length of the paper roll that is 12 meters. The practical maximum size being 120 x 42 cm. One of the printers is dedicated to the special black and white Piezographic printing process that is described here separately. The other printer is for color fine art prints.

My standard fine art papers in use are Hahnemule Photo Rag Ultra smooth and Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag. I also have Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper (250 gsm) in stock.

When it is on paper it is real

The best photographs should always be printed on paper. A photograph as an physical object hanging on the wall or as part of a portfolio book is always much more appreciated than the images seen on computer screens or mobile phone displays.

Black and white prints with special technic

For black and white printing I use a technic called Piezographic print. In this technic the photograph is printed with a set of inks that all have different strengths of gray, from deep black to very light grey. The digital image is tone separated, with the help of special software, that then controls the printer to output the work with extremely rich tone separation and resolution.

The Piezographic ink I use is named Warm Neutral. It gives a slightly warm tone printed on Hahnemule paper and on Canson paper the tone is clearly brownish. On the image here under to the left you can see the same image printed on these two papers where you can see the difference in the hue.

Color prints using Epson UltraCrome HD-inks

For color fine art prints I use the Epson P800 inkjet printer. The printer has UltraCrome HD-inks that results in extremely high quality color prints that keep their color without fading for decades. Epson claims a life length of color prints up to 100 years using best quality fina art inkjet papers.

In my printing I always use icc-profiles provided by the paper manufacturer dedicated for the printer and paper brand in use.

To secure a close match between the visual appearance of the image on the screen and the final print I warmly recommend that your screen should be regularly profiled with special equipment from DataColor or X-Rite.

Hahnemule Photo Rag Ultra Smooth (from Hahnemule web page)

Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth, another addition to the Photo Rag® family, is an especially smooth and silky soft paper for high-quality FineArt inkjet printing. The white cotton art paper has a discreet, very finely textured surface with a strikingly silky feel. The matt premium inkjet coating guarantees extraordinary print results with impressive reproduction of colour, detail and very deep black. Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth is versatile and produces impressive results for FineArt photography as well as art reproductions. The acid- and lignin-free all-rounder meets the most exacting requirements in terms of age resistance and is perfect for high-quality black and white FineArt prints.

  • 305 gsm, 100% cotton
  • White
  • Discreet, very finely textured surface with a strikingly silky feel
  • Matt premium inkjet coating for outstanding print results
  • Acid- and lignin-free
  • ISO 9706 conform / museum quality for highest age resistance

Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag (from Canson web page)

Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag is the combination of the premium 100% cotton Platinum paper that Canson has supplied for many years to the original Platinum and Platine photographic market, with the latest microporous coating, making the traditional darkroom paper now available for your digital printing.

Setting the benchmark for Digital Darkroom papers, Platine Fibre Rag provides the aesthetic and feel of the original F-Type Baryta Fibre paper, having a true pure white tone without using optical brighteners that are known to affect the longevity of digitally produced images.

Platine Fibre Rag’s extremely high Dmax and exceptional grey tones make it the product

of choice for the more discerning black and white as well as colour photographic prints.

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